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Backyard TV New Reality Show 'Little Bit A Trouble'

Backyard TV New Reality Show 'Little Bit A Trouble'

Backyard TV presents a new TALK SHOW name: "Little Bit A Trouble" with Host, Tommy Trouble. The show will be taped every Saturdays at 8pm (Starting Oct 22nd) in the new TV Lounge, 727 East 236 Street, Bronx. (@Furman Ave, near White Plains Rd behind the White house).

Little Bit A Trouble will allow our guests to interact with each other and the Host, discussing and sharing some of the troubles they have gotten into from their childhood days until present... Including: troubles with relationships, parents, children, friends, school, church, wedding, singing, fighting, funeral, work-place, driving, cooking, gambelling, partying, etc.

Little Bit A Trouble was created by Howell Allen and was designed and set to be rocketted smoothly to the very top of the TV entertainment chain. This great creation!... A mix of fun and business will be captured each week with a spicy, fiery mix of stories, jokes and exchanges that will generate similar energy to a Jerry Springer or Maury shows. All are welcome and invited to come and be a part of the taping. Seats are limited. You must RSVP, text your name to: 917 913-4516. ((FIRST TEXT, FIRST SERVE))  Start at 8pm

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CHECK OUT The NEW Backyard TV Set-Lounge!!

The NEW Backyard TV Set-Lounge The NEW Backyard TV Set-Lounge

The NEW Backyard TV Set-LoungeThe new Backyard TV Set-Lounge is now open to friends, family and colleagues. Stop by and relax, have a drink, listen to some nice tunes or play some dominoes. You will be seen on Backyard TV dropping a 6-love, giving a comment or a shout out, dropping a verse, having a drink, rocking with a tune or telling some jokes. Located in the Backyard at 727 E 236 Street, Bronx (near white plains rd)

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