DJ LADY SPICEDJ, Producer, Vocalist, Promoter

Winnipeg, Canada

DJ Lady Spice is a female selectress who resides in the Chilly city of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Born and raised in a Caribbean influenced community she started to learn the heavy bass and spoken word of Reggae music at a young age. By the age of 13 she had many songs word for word on lock. At the age of 16 she started attending all age events primarily of a Hip Hop & Reggae nature. By the age of 18 she knew all the hot spots in the city where Reggae and Dancehall were being played. Night after night and year after year, Spice picked up a serious ear for big chunes. At the tender age of 23 she attended a BBQ, at the BBQ she told one DJ "Yo I'm gonna DJ". The DJ look at Spice and say "Alright den, next weekend is a next BBQ bring some CD and run some chune". The next weekend Spice bring a couple a CD....nex thing yuh know day time BBQ...woman sprawl out pon di groun...di DJ tek him mic an say...BiG Up LaDy SpIcE. From then on it's history currently in the making. For more info http://www.myspace.com/djladyspice

"Just like my body, which is the carrier of my soul....music is the carrier of others souls to other souls"

"Music is my religion, and I don't speak english, I speak language"

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