KEY A FIREOn the fourth (4th) day of May, year 1975 Dale Renaldo Pearson came to existence, born at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital, Kingston. Mother Adassa Howell of Clarendon and father Aston George Pearson of Marley Hill, St. Catherine. At that time he was living at 68 Henderson Avenue, Kingston 11.


His deepest love for music initiated at the earliest age he can remembered, at age nine (9) before he had thoughts of becoming an entertainer, he use to find himself frequently singing Lionel Richie songs but he never sang aloud because he was very shy.

Dale was situated around influential music energy, most times he would sneak from out the yard to attend dancehalls, parties and anywhere there were any musical sessions. It was an elation to see veteran artistes like Yellow Man, Stitchie and Ninja Man performing where his urge grew more overwhelming for the music.

Because of the ‘1980 Election’ the family relocated to Johnson Pen, Spanish Town St. Catherine. He resume his schooling when began attending The Friendship Primary School in grade 5 just after he left from Seeward All-age School in Kingston. His secondary education was at that time at the Spanish Comprehensive High School formerly called Spanish Town Secondary.

KEY A FIRE“I have many skills,” he briefly stated. “I have experiences in carpentry, general construction, masonry, plaster paris and interior decorating. I realized my talent of music writing 11 years when I started voicing demos, friends and love ones encouraged me telling me that I have a unique sound. The passion and drive I have for the music led me to set up a demo studio at my house.


I could not sleep many nights because I was practicing real hard perfecting my skill of voicing tunes after tunes. My confidence level expands vastly so I was then ready to attack any stage show,” explained the artiste.

His first stage show appearance was at Amaziyah The Great’s Birthnight Bash 2003, where he delivered well with a warm response from the audience, since then they became friends and are currently doing some work together.

He has performed on other community shows, school concerts, Venum at the UTECH Campus, Reggae Fever 2008 Montego Bay and more.

KEY A FIREHis icons in the music business are artiste like Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Anthony B. Dennis Brown and Burning Spear.

Key A Fire The Ultimate One, A cultural Rastafarian who has quite a distinctive blend of his own; he has done recordings like “Giddeon Child” on the Great Amazement Label produced by Craig Kirkland & Alvin Wallen, “No Drama” and “Unite” on Great Amazement/G’s. Production and “Go So”, “Never Walk Alone” for other producers.

“My Aim is like the sun ‘high’ with knowledge to guide each individual to be or live up right.”

He is currently a Great Amazement Music Recording Artiste

Management/Bookings contact: AMAZIYAH THE GREAT 1(876)477-6245 or Tel./Fax 1(876)7482317 or E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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