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Sting 2008 Star Search winner Dajigga has one mission, and that’s to take his career to a higher level. Born in Buff Bay, Portland, Da Jigga says the music bug bit him when he was seven years old. Having beaten the odds in the Sting 2008 Star Search competition last year, and getting the opportunity to perform on the Greatest One Night Show on Earth (to a warm response from the massive crowd), the DJ is now under the management of Dimario McDowell, and set to make his mark further afield.

DA JIGGA“I’m just doing my thing now to get into the business. I am working real hard, cause I know I have what it takes to make it”, the confident DJ said recently.

Since performing at Sting, Da Jigga has showcased his talent at Spring Break this year in Negril and he says the response has been really encouraging; but that’s not surprising considering he faced one of the toughest audiences, Sting, and survived.

He recently released two singles, ‘So Sure’ and ‘Wine for Me’. ‘So Sure’ has reportedly started receiving favorable airplay.

Bookings: 1-876-862-3408 and 1-876-871-8970
Manager: Mr Dimario McDowell

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Da Jigga was born Lordel Bruce, Jr, to parents Mr Lordel Bruce, Sr, and Mrs. Ena Bruce at the Buff Bay Public Hospital in Portland on December 29, 1983. In his early years, he resided in the Iterboreale housing scheme which is located approximately three kilometers outside of Annotto Bay, St Mary. Music was introduced to Da Jigga by a close friend who exposed him to Sound clashes on audio cassettes. He then became very fond of reggae music and soon started to sneak out while his parents were asleep to attend the regular parties which were happening in his community, especially on Friday nights which was when the community sound system (Silver Dagger) would entertain. His mother did not approve of his new found love for dancehall music as Dancehall was known as the music of hooligans and ragamuffins.

On April 20, 1990, Mrs. Ena Bruce died of cancer at the Annotto Bay Public Hospital which presented Da Jigga with the opportunity to learn even more about the music that he has become so addicted to.

DA JIGGAAfter leaving basic school, Da Jigga attended the Bradford Preparatory School at Buff Bay, Portland. This, however, was a Christian school and Da Jigga got himself in a lot of trouble because he was always knocking on the desks and while he rehearsed choruses and verses from popular Dancehall songs. After graduating from prep school, he attended the Titchfield High School In Port Antonio, Portland, and got involved in music even more. He teamed up with other schoolmates and form a crew by the name of Fila Crew, which consists of Michael Forrester, Kimmaney McLeod, Josie Johnson, Demond Wright etc. The group performed at school concerts and at lunch time they would entertain the other students with their craft. This was put to halt after Da Jigga was taken off the morning shift and was placed on the evening shift but that did not stop him from doing music. He then teamed up with another group of students and the Silk Mafia Crew was born.

Spending most of his time trying to get in the music business, Da Jigga had little or no time for school. This started to show on report cards and end of term exams, which then started to become evident to his father, who was living at the Woodstock Housing scheme in Buff Bay, Portland. Trying to solve this problem, he considered having his only son living with him. On Da Jigga’s tenth birthday, he sent for him to come and live with him in Buff Bay, Portland. However most of his friends lived in Buff Bay and this only brought the crew closer together. After leaving high school, Da Jigga started recording at Native Studio, in Port Antonio, Portland. Eager to learn more about the music business, he started to visit the studio on a regular basis asking Mr. Jackson (Jacko) questions on how to make it in the music business.

Following the advice of Mr. Jackson, he started his journey and went to Kingston in search of his dreams but soon realized that it was more difficult than he expected but that did not stop him from being persistent. Da Jigga auditioned for the Digicel Rsing Stars competition in 2007, but only made it to the second round. Feeling disappointed, he then went to audition for the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall in 2008 and, although he did not make it very far in the competition, he gained enough confidence to audition for the Sting Talent Search one month later, where he placed first and got a chance to perform on the greatest one night reggae show on earth, STING. After gracing the Sting 2008 stage, and receiving an overwhelming response, his career was on course and he was now in the Supreme Promotions Camp. Managed by Mr. Dimario McDowell, Da Jigga started to perform on numerous stage shows in Jamaica. With the release of three singles “Make the Money” on the G.M.C. Music Label based in Germany, “More Gal (ten more)” on the Spring Bank Label based in Jamaica, and “Wine fa Me” on the SSS label based in Jamaica, the world will soon be feeling Da Jigga’s musical presence.

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