This is the life of Frederick Brooks A.K.A. Lieutenant Brooksie

Frederick Brooks, AKA Lt. Brooksie was born in Spanish Town, St. Catherine, Jamaica. He attended the Ensom City All-Age School and the Spanish Town Comprehensive High School (STCH). He was inpspired to become an eentertainer by Lt. Stitchie (who also attended the Spanish Town High School) and later Capelton. He started his career as a D.J. in his home town at the age of sixteen.

He started to D.J. on a big cassette player in his community. He then became more aware of his ability and potential, and that inspired him to become a member of the J.C.D.C. outreach training program, which provided him some early exposure to grooming.

He was then introduced to Mr. Patrick Dunn (a producer at the time) who professed an appreciation for Brooksie's style and cultural lyrics to he decided to produce him. That same night he recorded his first song titled, "Thank Jah Jah", that was in the year 1995 on the Irie Vibrations Music Label.

LT. BROOKSIEA year later, he met Mr. Mikey Carroll of Creative Sounds and thre he did his second song titled "Hottie Hottie Girls". After his second recorded song he then formed a crew by the name of "Potential Crew" which consisted of three members, Western Ranks (D.J.), Singing Crystal (singer) and himself, Lt. Brooksie. The crew began to gain popularity and was appearing on several Television and Radio Programs. The crew recorded over twelve songs for various producers which included their entry in the J.C.D.C. popular song competition, song entitled "Say It Out Loud". This earned them the third place award in the finals and the trophy for best performance.

While being a a member of the Potential Crew he got the opportunity to perform on many major events such as Sting 99, The Crowning of Miss Inner City, Potential in Concert held at the Little Pub in Ocho Rios, the Poinciana Beach Resort Hotel and Bob Marley 56th Birthday Bash in the year 2001. Other major performances while being a member of Potential Crew included Jamaica National Building Society Bank staff Awards 2001 luncheon, held at the Beaches Grand Sports in Ocho Rios, and the Airanox Business and Technology College Graduation Ceremony held at the Wyndham Montego Bay Hotel.

Lt. Brooksie performed with the group for over three years before deciding that it was time to concentrate on his solo career. He re-established his link with Creative Sounds and did a television and radio advertisement which constituted part of the 2001-2002 Red Label Wine ad campaign. He also did another advertisement for the Jamaica Observer and recently did an advertisement for Bill Express.

He later re-established his music link with Mr. Patrick Dunn of Irie Vibrations Music who he had recorded his first song for the song titled, "My Baby Is Gone", featuring Rick Anthony. The song got some amount of airplay on Irie FM and other Radio Stations. A music video of the song was also produced and was shown on several Television Entertainment Programs.

His latest releases include "No Gun Town", "Music Sweet", and "Don't Lose Control". Lt. Brooksie's solo career got even better when he linked with Johnny Kneumonic from Canada and recorded a song entitled "More Weed", which created an impact in that country which led Lt. Brooksie to a two weeks tour in Canada. While on his tour in Canada, he performed on two shows and was also interviewed on several Radio stations including CHRY 105.5 ZionTrain Show with Natty B and Bigga.

On his return from Canada, Lt. Brooksie performed on a show titled "The Original Manhattans featuring Dorothy Moore: In Concert". Headlined by the legendary soul group, the show also featured Dobby Dobson, George Nooks, One Third and Nickesha Barnes. A three night engagement, here were performances on Friday, November 25 at Disco Inferno (Montego Bay), Saturday November 25 at the Fayors Entertainment Centre (Mandeville) and Sunday, November 26, 2006 at the National Indoor Sports Arena (Kingston). Brooksie describes sharing the stage with such revered veterans as "one of the most important show to me".

Lt. Brooksie is currently recording tracks in anticipation of completing his debut album, which si soon to be released. The album is tentatively titled "From Then Till Now" and will consist of 15 tracks. He is also recording songs for producers from all parts of Europe.

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